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Escort Apartment

Escort dates
means usually "outcall", i.e. as an invitation to your home or as a hotel visit. In the course of the online dating, Switzerland has also established Seitensprungzimmer.com  as a further option.

Top8 girls also have another discreet location for their meetings. The "Loft" is a private place in the central Zofingen/AG. The Girls can exclusively reserve and rent this fully-equipped apartment (including kitchen, lounge and whirlpool).  The property is located about 1km from the SBB station Zofingen, has parking spaces and is accessible by a commercial entrance.

Escort apartmentwhirlpool adultery room

Please note that the loft is NOT an advertised club or establishment, where the girls wait for "spontaneous running customers". As private usual, dates with the girls have to be arranged personally with them and at an early stage.

Reservation of our fully equipped loft

incl. kitchen, lounge and jacuzzi