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The easiest way to contact with a top8 girl is via her sedcard and her mailaccount at Top8. For the girls it is the guarantee that the requester has already read the concept and desireable understood it. This is important because our escort system is the idea of our girls, just as they can not only making their dates, but primarely enjoy it.

We renounce a so-called "nettiquette", since gentlemen know and apply them obvisious naturally. Already with the first request (including photo) the girls notice how sympathetic their new contact is. Pornographers and regular clubgoers have a completely different language and expression than the man of the world.

In this context also a word about money:
Money is still too often misunderstood as a patriarchy power instrument. Top8 girls are not dependent on any existential "merit" from the escort. It is fun for them as an adventure with additional benefits. It is understandable, however, that money in the usual commercial economic life is compensated with an achievement. Top8 and his girls have a different understanding. As adult people, the girls decide independently and whether they enter a date or not. Their sympathy and feeling are as important to them as respect and recognition in the form of a honorarium. If one of the points does not fit, nobody is to blame, but the self-determined decision of everyone. Lifestyle dating is not a must, but only a skill.

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As far as the usual "sex-market" and its price fights (discount) are concerned, we move far from it. Our concept is extensively explained and described on our platform and contradicts the usual argument of "sex against money". Top8-Girls place quite different demands and criteria on their contacts and dates.

Reservation of our fully equipped loft

incl. kitchen, lounge and jacuzzi