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Escort Bern - hotel visits in the federal capital

The "Bern-Mittelland" area with around 390,000 inhabitants in its agglomeration, is the center of an own economic region. Above all, Bern is the seat of the federal government, parliament and administrations. De facto it is the "capital" of Switzerland, but from the legal point of view, it has "only" the status of a federal city. Booked escorts in Berne are for the Top8 girls mainly accompanying guests and hotel visits, because the political center has the highest number and density of state servants and is listed as residential community with the highest quality of life.

Founded in 1191 by the Zähringen family, the well-preserved old town with its characteristic arbours and the opened Stadtbach, was in 1983 added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Aare is a landscapeforming factor, which comes from the southeast and flows around the city core.

Bern is one of the most visited centers, according to the national and international urban tourism. The number of hotels and overnight stays is above average high, and is corresponding to the frequently bookings and visits by our callgirls. The "Hotel Bern" in the center, the "Schweizerhof" directly at the station, the Bellevue Palace at the Bundeshaus and the Allegro in the Kursaal-Casino are the most prestigious houses onsite.

Culturally, the city offers a varied program of museums, galleries, theaters and architecture. Worth mentioning sights for escort and guided visits, are of course the majestic Bundeshaus with its federal square and the affiliated buildings of the administrations, the Federal Chancellery and the Swiss National Bank. The old town with the "Zytglogge" tower, the mighty late-Gothic cathedral The “Münster”, and the “Waisenhausplatz” with the newly designed Oppenheimbrunnen, are also very interesting visiting spots.

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Bern is traditionally a "market town". Around the annual "Zibelemärit", the oldest of Switzerland, a verifiable folk and town festival with music, dance and theater takes place respectively in November. Music at all plays an important role in the history of Berne. So are classical music with the Bern Symphony Orchestra and its Chamber Orchestra, and jazz with its clubs "Marians Jazzroom" and the "Mahogany Hall", strongly anchored in the city. The early chansonniers from the sixties, known as "Troubadours" like Mani Matter, influenced artists and bands such as Polo Hofer, Stephan Eicher, Span, Züri West, Patent Ochsner or Göla, who became national stars with Bern dialect texts. This development was also supported by the “Gurtenfestival”, which is one of the largest open airs in Switzerland.

In 1954 Bern was one of six venues of the Football Worldcup Championship. The final took place in the legendary Wankdorfstadion. In 2001, it was spectacularly blown up and made way for a new second-largest stadium in Switzerland with 31'783 seats for spectators. As the homeclub BSC Young Boys in football, the Bernese are mainly ice hockey crazies. Top club and multiple Swiss champion is the SC Bern, who offers a contagious spectacle in the "PostFinance Arena", which has the world's largest indoor standing ramp for fans.

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